Nantucket Today: Doerte Neudert’s Art Cabinet

by: Lindsay Pykosz

photography by: Nicole Harnishfeger

Island art dealer and artist Doerte Neudert gazes across the dining-room table of her Dukes Road home, reminiscing about her life. She says out loud the words above, and they are, in essence, the motto of her life that she has been closely fol- lowing for more than 20 years.

Where Neudert is now is a far cry from where she was when her life in the art world began. Growing up in Germany during World War II, Neudert’s exposure to art was limited.

She grew up a refugee, poor in a family of five with no father figure in her life. “I did not talk to my father once in my life,” she said.

Neudert moved west at the end of April when the war was over. Her family had very little in the way of material things, and she remembered being around 10 years old, walking to the train station and carrying back charcoal for her mother.

“We were not respected in society,” Neudert said. “It was like I was giving her gold. I gave her something.”

After escaping the country, she went to Paris at 19 where she studied English, French and Spanish, and had the opportunity to see the art world in a light she had never experienced before.

“Dare to lose to win.”

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