Art Cabinet in Connecticut Cottages and Gardens

Art Cabinet in Connecticut Cottages and Gardens

Silvio Cattani in Connecticut Cottages and Gardens
November 2012

“With an elegant selection of European and American modern abstract art, Art Cabinet has been a mainstay of the Nantucket art community for 18 years. Owner and private collector Dörte Neudert represents museum-level artists and will have works from several significant artists, such as Silvio Cattani (work shown here), Charlotte Culot and sculptor Billy Sherry on view.”

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Gallery Night with Silvio Cattani

Art Cabinet Nantucket, Nantucket
August 3, 2012
Bisera Savoska

Art Cabinet Nantucket Gallery Night with the accomplished artist Silvio Cattani from Venice. Silvio demonstrated a painting while listening to Mozart.

New Space at 3 India Street

Art Cabinet Nantucket, Nantucket
July 7, 2012
Geno Geng

Grand Opening at 3 India Street 05

Grand Opening at 3 India Street

Art Cabinet Nantucket has a new space

Nantucket, MA, June 22, 2012 – After 18 years Doerte Neudert, owner of the Art Cabinet Nantucket, fulfilled her dream of having a spot for her gallery in downtown Nantucket. For the last three years, she only had her Studio in 18 Dukes Road and started to miss connecting and sharing with people in downtown Nantucket. She didn’t have to think twice when the beautiful space in 3 India Street was offered to her.

On June 22nd, she celebrated the opening with friends, family and customers. John Shea surprised with a remarkable performance about art, love and energy.

Please enjoy the impressions of this rememberable evening.

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