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Worldwide Branding – Doerte Neudert Honored for Excellence in Art Gallery Operations

Doerte Neudert has been named the Best Art Dealer in Nantucket for five years

NANTUCKET, MA, March 19, 2014, Doerte Neudert, Owner of Art Cabinet Nantucket has been recognized for showing dedication, leadership and excellence in fine arts.

Ms. Neudert has 50 years of professional experience, with 20 years as the owner of Art Cabinet Nantucket. As an established expert in the field of fine art, she is responsible for overseeing her gallery, as well as meeting with clients and answering customers’ questions. Ms. Neudert’s initial concept for Art Cabinet Nantucket was not for profit, but to stick to her European inheritance and experience, as well as her belief that art is nutrition for the soul and individuality.

Looking back, Ms. Neudert attributes her success to her self-confirmation. In 1995, she spent 10 days in a European salon at the Center for the Arts. She also worked with Dr. Al Orensanz in New York City, held a solo show for Charlotte Culot in France, a solo show at the French Library in Boston Ma., and hosted international fairs. Furthermore, she spent 20 years in a European salon on Nantucket, where she held music, art, lectures and art discussions. She became involved in her profession after developing an interest in art. The most gratifying aspect of her career was the recognition that Americans reacted on spiritual and emotional values, trusted and respected her offer and concept, “The Spiritual in Art,” and joined the European Salon in the summer months.

Ms. Neudert has studied Latin, French, English and Spanish at the collegiate level. She is a five-time recipient of Best Art Dealer in Nantucket, and in 2013, she received the Massachusetts Excellence Award. Ms. Neudert was proud to host two major art shows in Sherburne Hall, Nantucket, in 2010 and 2011.In 1992, Ms. Neudert served as the cultural secretary of the Annamacharya Cultural Center in Hyderabad, India, and she has organized numerous exhibitions around the world. In years to come, Ms. Neudert aims to expand her business to the Internet.

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